Income Tax Return Filing Due Date – Did You Miss It?

No need to worry if you have missed the last date of income tax return filing. You still can file your income tax return.
Before that you need to know your income tax for the financial year. If you are a salaried person, check your Form 16. You will come to know how much tax has been deducted by your employer.

There are two scenarios –

No tax to be paid to IT department

It means you don’t have to pay tax to the income tax department. In this case you can file your income tax return before 31st March next year. For example – If you didn’t file tax return on or before July 31st 2010, you can still file your tax return before 31st March 2011.

Tax to be paid to IT department

This may happen because of certain reasons which are as follows –

You changed job in the financial year.

Inadequate information provided to the employer.

Wrong tax calculation

In such cases, you have to owe tax to the IT department. You can still pay tax to the IT department before 31st March with a penalty of 1% per month of delay on the taxes due. For example – If you have to pay a tax of Rs 20,000 on your income and you have not paid by the due date, you will pay a penalty of Rs 200 per month post the due date ( in this case July 31st).

It is always advisable to pay your tax before the due date in order to avoid paying penalty and also losses incurred are not carried forward to next year.


What to Know About Ecuador Real Estate?

Real estate is one of the fastest growing market in the world, if you learn how everything works in the real estate world then you can easily start earning a lot of money for yourself. There are many places in the world where you can invest your money safely and get a good ROI or Return On Investment. Ecuador is one of those places, although the country was once not under the radar of investors due to the fact that it was not a safe place. It has managed to leave all that behind and has become a really great place for people who are interested in real estate. Real estate in Ecuador is no joke and there are many reasons for that, here you will find some of the best reasons to why investing in the real estate of Ecuador is such a great decision.

When you are looking forward to invest in a property somewhere, then the main thing that you look for is a property which is gettable at a really reasonable price. You want big properties and then perhaps sell it of at a really high price. If you are such a person then Ecuador is without any doubt the best place for you. This is because properties here in Ecuador are really cheap and if you are looking forward to buy cheap properties then Ecuador is the place for you.

The best thing about real estate in Ecuador is that property here in Ecuador is really cheap and can be bought by anyone who has a bit of money. Ecuador is classified as a middle income nation, this is because more than 35% of the country’s population is living below the poverty line. Agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economy along with marine and petroleum products. Since the economy of the country is subjected to slow growth rate, that is why the properties there are really cheap.

For foreign investors, this is a golden opportunity because they can easily buy these properties without any financial problems. You can easily get 3 bedroom home at the price of $65,000 which is really low. Foreign investors are able to buy a lot more properties in Ecuador simply because of the fact that they can buy two properties at the price of one.

The prices of real estate in Ecuador are really good for people, they can get a two-bedroom condo in Quito at a price of $55,000. Buying such a home at this price is almost impossible in other parts of the world because property there is generally expensive. These were a few things that you should know about the properties in Ecuador. The main thing that we learn here about real estate in Ecuador is that it is really cheap. If you are looking forward to start a real estate business then a small investment in Ecuador can easily give you the head start that is required by you.


Understanding Stock Market Movement

Given enough time investing in the stock market, a trader will tell you that the research and analysis require the most time. In order to be successful, an investor needs to understand how the markets move and how to interpret differences in the various market indexes and what they mean. This kind of evaluation becomes an important part of an investor’s technical analysis of the stock market. It can add further clarity to various stock market movements and help an investor to find potential trades.

Let’s start this review by looking at each of the big three market indexes:

o S&P 500 – This market index is most commonly used by professionals in the financial world because it includes such a large sector of the market. It includes 500 of the most widely traded stocks and because it is a market cap weighted index, changes in larger companies tend to reflect more strongly than small cap stocks. The S&P 500 tends to be a more accurate indicator of market movements than the Dow.

o The NASDAQ Stock Market Composite – Even though this market index includes all of the stocks that are listed on the NASDAQ market, it is historically weighted toward technology stocks. This condition is the result of the fact that it is a market cap weighted index and thus the large cap stocks of technology companies strongly influence this index.

o The Dow Jones Industrial Average – This is the old-timer of the bunch. The Dow is the oldest, most widely known and most quoted of all the market indexes. The Dow tracks 30 of the most influential companies in the US and because it represents only large companies, it misses out on the small and mid-size companies completely. Unlike the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ, the Dow is a price weighted market index which means that if a stock price changes by $1, the effect on the market index is the same no matter the price of the stock. The Dow reflects only about 25% of the total market but changes in the Dow tend to reflect consumer confidence in the stock market as a whole.

What perspective does each index take?

Because each of the indexes takes a different approach, the stock market movement for each is different. For example, the NASDAQ structured so that technology stocks enjoy greater prominence that those in other stock sectors. This was evident in the late 1990’s when the technology boom was taking place. As events unfold that effect the technology sector, the NASDAQ will tend to see the most dramatic stock market movement, although the Dow will also be significantly affected.

The S&P 500, on the other hand, is not as severely impacted by tech stocks but tends to have a stock market movement that more accurately reflects the market in its entirety. Because it is weighted to the larger stocks it does not have the violent reaction to Wall Street news that its small-cap stocks might cause. The overall balance of the S&P 500 causes a more accurate representation of market movement than the Dow. This is the reason that most financial professionals use it as their barometer for stock market movement.

The Dow is the interesting one of the bunch; the granddaddy of the market indexes, it looks only to the 30 most influential stocks for its analysis of market movements. These are all large-cap stocks so they do not accurately evaluate the entire market, yet the Dow has proven to be the best market index for indicating consumer confidence.


No one index gives you the entire picture of stock market movements. The combination of the three can help you draw better conclusions about the market movements and what is motivating them. Activity by the tech sector will appear with strong reactions by the NASDAQ. Strong movements by the Dow can indicate whether the consumers are feeling good about the market in general. The Dow, though weighted to the top, will be a better indication of the overall stock market movement. By considering all three, successful traders can locate where highs and lows in stock market movement can be found and invest accordingly.


Use a Car Loan to Give a Break to Your Tired Old Car – By Buying a New One!

Are you one of those persons who depends on your car for almost everything? Driving your kids to school, going to work, shopping for groceries and even for visiting your parents living ten blocks away? If you felt described with the last paragraph, you definitely depend on your car.

If it is being difficult to maintain your vehicle and you have decided to buy a new one, you may want to know a few things about auto loans before changing your car.

What Kind Of Car Can I Buy With A Car Loan

There are many options related to what can you buy. It does not matter whether if your dreamed car is brand new or has already been owned by someone else. It all depends on the amount of money you want to borrow and if your credit score and/or your lender allow you to borrow the requested amount.

What Options Do I Have In Car Loans?

There are two different kinds of car loans, you can apply for a secured car loan, which will require you to put a collateral as a repayment guaranty. Or, you can decide to take an unsecured car loan.

In both cases, terms and conditions depend on the lender you chose. There are some lenders that will require you to put a part of the money to be approved, and others will accept to finance the %100 of your desired car. You should compare your options and chose the one that suits best what you are looking for.

Secured Car Loans

As other secured loans, these loan kinds require a collateral. The purchased car plays this part in most of cases. The idea of having a collateral lows the risk for the lender in case you don’t fulfill the repayment.

As the borrower, you will be favored with lower interest rates and also it would be easier to obtain full financing for your purchase if you chose to apply for a secured loan.

Unsecured Car Loans

Unsecured car loans are no other thing than personal loans. Equal to these ones, unsecured car loans are based only on the applicant’s credit score. Unsecured car loans carry less risk for the borrower since there are no tied collateral. In the other hand, this implies that you will not be able to obtain a high amount of money if your credit score is not good enough.

Where Can I Obtain My Auto Loan?

There are two ways to obtain a car loan. Direct and indirect, in the direct auto loan, a bank or financial institution, acts as a lender and negotiates directly with the consumer. The other way is through an indirect auto loan. This is when a car dealership plays the role of an intermediary between the financial institution and the consumer.

If you have already visited a car dealership and have decided to get your car’s financing through the dealership, you will have to fill in the forms at your car dealer’s office present the required documentation, and then wait for the approval.

If you are not sure of which lender would be better for you, just take your time to think about it and compare the options you are given to find which is best for you.

If you decide to go for a direct loan, you may also find your lender online and apply from your home just by filling in the forms provided by your chosen lender’s web site. Doing this will be faster than completing forms in an office. Besides, you will get a response on your approval almost instantly, and you will not need to present any documentation if you are turned down.

Remember to look carefully for your lender, if your credit score is not very good you will have to make sure that your chosen option suits your possibilities, talking about documentation to present, and repayment options, remember that there are many lenders that will accept a bad credit history, but they may have higher rates and or fees, so just take your time to make a final decision.